1. People will let you down I’ve accepted that fact, but knowing that makes it impossible to be happy. Or a least fuckin’ real.
    — Celeste and Jesse Forever
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    People will let you down I’ve accepted that fact, but knowing that makes it impossible to be happy. Or a least fuckin’ real.
    — Celeste and Jesse Forever
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  4. Lone Ranger and Tonto are trapped in a valley, surrounded by hostile apaches on all sides. Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says, “Looks like we are in deep trouble now, old friend.” Tonto states at him and says, ‘what do you mean ‘we,’ paleface?”
    His last words were a dumb joke, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I compromise and scream.
    — Jamie “Multiple Man” Madrox
    X-Factor Volume 3: Many Lives of Madrox
  5. New York Falls in Love

    By night, the big city’s skyline is clear enough.To write. And rhyme. As we see them and you and anyone under New York light. Falling in love when clocks strike momentum. Allows me to step outside of my window, that hum. Speeds up, spikes.
    The rate of my heart’s drum, when it decides to beat with the avenues. Below. As you. As they’re. As everyone. Is falling in love under these seen sights. Taking it slow. It is rare. Yet when the sun falls, the sky begins to scrape. And lean. Against the lefts, wrongs. The rights. Time for falling in love to the sound of New York City’s mix tape. And if this. Chill. Exists elsewhere as well.
    It’s mine right now and right now I can’t seem to spot. A soul who has not fallen under the same spell.
    This is the world.
    As I know it.
    As I need it.
    This is my world.
    And we’re falling in love.

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  7. Here and Gone again

    rite The sign must have been

    Knocked down

    I will take blame for the negligence

    For getting this lost

    Take mistakes with a nod and a grin

    And return that ball gown  

    By your midnight dance

    I apologize to any eye-line I crossed

    Swear I’m usually careful

    Too careful for one to scorn

     Me over such accidental things

    The scenery was simply too distracting

    Misplaced the bull

    So there are only horns behind what I sing

    Along to before retracting

    There are not enough words

    To explain the cycle

    Certainly it feels over, done

    And then comes

    The reappearance of this fear

    These excessive dead ends are absurd

    Although my heart is too full

    I must go back to square one

    To find out how I keep ending up here

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    …and shit is about to get very, very rad.


    or don’t, it’s cool.

    requited or not, I will love you. 

    Stay perfect and lovely and fucking full of super powers and words for always. 

                                   yours truly,

    your friendly neighborhood WONDERLEMON. 

  9. Living Outside of the Silver Screen; the World’s City

    This is the entire
    fucking world. I mean,
    the world’s all here.
    The great escapers.
    Residents and red-eye
    frequent flyers for skyscrapers.
    The silver screen?
    Sure. But may I suggest the west…
    Too busy living it out our way.
    Because we’re not just inside an attraction.
    Can’t stop, can’t rest.
    A city written with sarcastic retractions.
    Welcome. To the universe.
    Hate it or fucking stay.

  10. Problem Solving

    Try solutions, solve. 

    If it works, wonderful.

    If it doesn’t, move on. 

    Refusal is not nearly as tactical.

    Honey, try it out. Nothing’s magical. 

    Pro and Con.

    Don’t weigh your scull

    facts will dissolve

    so don’t crawl. 

    Everyone’s better than that,

    particularly carrying a heavy heart.

    Problems devour if you let them,

    petals always stitched to a stem.

    Engage. Observe. Participate all art.

    Mindfulness can be exact. 

    It’s not chemical. 

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  14. what I am, We are here for

    It was probably us all along, all

    of this time pouting towards the universe.

    So naive. So spiteful it’s criminal. 

    Prophesizing our lives for the far worse.  

    Witnessing their luck triggers trite envy

    …that noticeable trait wished unnoticed…

    I am, we are, the young arch enemy. 

    “Living Large” or not living as promised.

    Each generation, riddled with misfits. 

    Honey, to tell the truth, it’s not just you. 

    In fact, the rolling credits prove that it’s 

    not the narcissists who’re the chosen few. 

    We will always be in this together.

    Us all along, mastering what we’re here for. 

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